IMPORTANT: Changes to recycling!


This is an update on the trash & recycling bins that are located just outside the outside kitchen door.

You may remember learning that the church has been fined at least twice for putting non-recyclables into the recycling bin.

Unfortunately the signs I added a few months back to keep the wrong things out of recycling were destroyed by the heat & the rains.

This past Sunday Marten had to use rakes to reach in & remove lots of paper towels, paper cups, and plastic flatware from the bin.  I helped him, & it was a messy & tedious job.  We also discovered that Waste Management has added a new sign to the side of the bin, stating that glass is no longer accepted - neither bottles nor jars.  So that had to be removed also.

My guess is that despite the recyclability of glass, the market for recycled glass has collapsed, so it is no longer worth collecting.  (This may or may not be a change to curbside recycling, but it appears to be true for commercial recycling with Waste Management.)

I will be putting up new signs, but in the meantime, PLEASE be aware that only metal cans, plastic bottles & containers (NOT utensils or plastic bags),  & office paper (NOT paper cups, napkins, or paper towels) are allowed in the large recycling bin outside the kitchen.  Also NO GLASS.  That means that only the correct items must be put in the indoor containers as well, so that they are not dumped with the wrong items.


Thank you!