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Thank you for your donation!

This form is for one item or donation. For example, if you are donating an event (e.g., a dinner), this form is for that dinner, even if you are donating 10 seats at that dinner. If you have questions, please email Laura Solomon (

Information about your donation

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This would also include the number of slots or seats. For example, if you are providing a dinner, move the slider to the number of seats being auctioned off for this dinner.
What is the minimum amount of money that should be accepted for this item to sell? If this is something that has a quantity of more than one, how much should each slot/seat sell for at a minimum? **If this is a SET PRICE item, please enter "0" and proceed to the next question**
You should only answer this if your item has a set cost and is not going to be bid on for a variable price. For example, if you are holding an event and each attendee is a flat $10. If the event has, say, 8 attendees, each of the 8 slots will be sold at a flat rate of $10. These service items are not put up for bid but are sold at the flat price.
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