American Red Cross Blood Drive

It has been a few years since East Shore hosted an American Red Cross (ARC) Blood Drive. The ARC has reached out and would like to use East Shore for a February or March 2019 blood drive. To be a host site, you simply need to have a minimum of 25 people who will commit to donate blood. The 25 donors do not have to be East Shore members, but I am hoping that we can get at least 25 members who would be able to commit to donate.

Starting this Sunday, I will have a sign-up sheet in the Narthex. I know that not knowing the exact date in February or March may make it difficult to commit, but if you do sign up, I will let you know the date as soon as I know. If you can still commit, great, if not, hopefully we will have more than 25 donors to provide some “padding.”

I will also have some handouts about being a blood donor by the sign-up sheet in the Narthex.

Thanks for your support!

Bob Ross, Board of Trustees Chairperson