Our Mission

Our Mission:

We Covenant to Love, Revere, Discover, Connect.

Our Bond of Union:

We join hands in Unitarian Universalist fellowship, pledging ourselves to an individual religious freedom that transcends all creeds, not to think alike, but to journey together.  

Our Commitments:

To offer a loving, joyful, accepting religious community where the right to freedom of belief is unfettered by any prescribed creed, and where our liberal religious tradition is made accessible to all;  To provide support for the individual in a free and disciplined search for religious and ethical values that enrich our lives;  To provide a religious education for children and adults, which enables self-knowledge, respect for others, and awareness of the interdependent web of all existence of which we are but a part;  To celebrate together rites of passage through the great and profound moments of life; and To affirm Unitarian Universalist principles by reaching out to the greater community to promote truth, justice, responsibility, and love in the world.