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The East Shore Social Justice Council is not an exclusive club or a star chamber of any sort. Everyone at East Shore is invited to attend our meetings, which are held about once per month via Zoom on a weekday evening. If you would like to be on the Social Justice Council email list, simply request that:

Now what is the SJ Council all about? We’re open to all. We are folks who work to support and
coordinate all the various social justice work that is taken up by so many of our members. The focus of the Council is to do our best to support all the efforts of everyone at East Shore doing social justice work including domestic violence awareness (Silent Witnesses), LGBTQ+ rights, the environment, providing food to hungry folks, collecting warm socks and mittens for needy folks, racial justice, promotingpeace (Hiroshima Day observance) and our Peace Pole.

East Shore’s Social Justice Work for 2023-24

  • Domestic Violence Awareness
  • Web of Life Care/Climate Change w. Faith Communities Together
  • LBGTQ+ Rights
  • Supporting Lake County Food Banks
  • Fall Read / Spring Read Zoom Discussions

Come visit our Social Justice Resource Room for information on resources and upcoming events.