Because I have been athirst, I will dig a well that others may drink.
Arabian proverb

This walk is on a Sunday, right at the time of church.  So you can either walk in person and skip the church service, or you can go to church and support the walk through an East Shore Team that Maggie Calkins is heading up.   

Committee chairs and event coordinators are asked to attend this event, to get as much as possible on to the calendar for the 2019-2020 congregational year.

PLEASE be aware that only metal cans, plastic bottles & containers (NOT utensils or plastic bags),  & office paper (NOT paper cups, napkins, or paper towels) are allowed in the large recycling bin outside the kitchen.  Also NO GLASS.  

East Shore UU along with Old South UCC are sponsoring a Crop Hunger Walk in Kirtland this coming September.
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