This Week's Sermon 2019-02-24, 10:30AM
Ambulatory Gambit,
Rev. Denis Letourneau Paul with Mark Guizlo

Panorama with church members around the outside of the sanctuary holding hands


East Shore Children Participating in a Play Welcome To East Shore Video books illuminated by golden light

What is Unitarian Universalism?

In the sixteenth century, Unitarians were burned at the stake for denying the Trinity. And we've been taking heat ever since--for opposing slavery, segregation, homophobia, and other acts of injustice. We are Unitarian Universalists, the Uncommon Denomination. Our foundations are reason, reverence, and freedom. Our mission is to recognize the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Our reverence is for the Spirit of Life. Watch a 30 second video about UUism. For more information, see Visitors Guide above.

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