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Sox Box Collection

The box in the church that looks so neat
It’s to help those in need to care for their feet.
This year for the Homeless Stand Down
East Shore is again volunteer-bound.
This year we need no kits for hygiene;
Instead we need socks of red or of green
Or any old color as long as they’re warm
In any size or material in any good form;
And so, the very next time you’re at the store,
Remember to purchase one pair or much more.
The Plan is to collect in a very large box
Men’s, women’s, and children’s durable socks.
Your reward will be when you see it snowing,
You’ve done a good deed and kept the love flowing.

Collection will be February 18th to March 17th
Please consider donating to this Annual East Shore cause.
Folks who are unhoused or underhoused or who may be living on very

limited means will be helped.