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Church building re-opening March 1, 2022

The ad hoc committee met and made a recommendation to the board that the  church reopens starting on March 1, 2022 under the following conditions:

Mandatory masking for everyone over the age of 2, except those who have a documented disability that makes them unable to wear a mask, except when speaking from the pulpit or actively engaged in eating or drinking

The church is fully open and able to engage in all of our normal activities (ie First Wednesday, Coffee Hour, etc.)

We practice social distancing in the seating in the sanctuary, but you are able to sit in a “pod” of people that you live or are in close contact with

The congregation is allowed to sing while masked, and the choir is masked 

Last night and this morning the board made a motion to accept these recommendations, seconded and passed the motion via email. 

The idea being that the services would be fully masked and socially distant so people would feel safe to come worship, but that after services and for gatherings people be allowed to participate in activities where we eat and drink if they are comfortable doing so, where masks are removed only while actively eating and drinking