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The church is RE-OPENING!

As of June 2, 2021, the Board of Trustees allow outdoor gatherings and services to occur at East Shore UU Church, without limiting the number of participants. We  will continue to follow the CDC guidelines for gatherings for fully vaccinated people. It would be individual discretion in choosing to wear a mask at outdoor functions based on individual assessment of one’s own risk factors and susceptibility.  Regardless of vaccination status, anyone entering the church must be masked.

UPDATE 6/15/2021: As soon as we have approval from the fire department that we may use the building, all events will move inside the church unless otherwise stated.  Expect most meeting to continue to be on Zoom. 

Once the building is opened everyone who has been vaccinated, fully recovered from COVID, or under the age of 3 need not wear a mask.  Everyone else we request that you wear a mask for your own safety.  It is also up to everyone whether they wear a mask based on their own level of comfort.