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Unitarian Universalist Justice Ohio Connect The Dots

This month UUJO’s Connecting the Dots calls for action on the urgent need for transportation equity and environmental justice. Many Ohioans are kept from full participation in our communities because they lack access to transportation.  Equitable public transportation lowers fossil fuel usage, reduces carbon emissions, creates less waste and decreases pollution in our communities. Developing a modern public transit system is essential for Ohio’s future.

At our October 24 meeting, citizens will share their stories of attempting to use the existing transit options and how the lack of efficient public transportation is impacting their lives, along with a presentation of the environmental benefits of rail, buslines, and biking in both rural and urban neighborhoods. Ohio legislators have an opportunity now to act on this bipartisan issue of environmental justice and transportation equity.

Join us on Sunday, October 24 at 5:00 pm as we explore ways of encouraging our state and local governments to plan and fund public infrastructure projects to address transportation equity and environmental justice. 

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Ron Prosek, ChairESUUC Social Justice Council